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Bey Scholars, Inc. (formally known as Bey Foundation, Inc.) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that creates and provides after-school and summer programs for elementary, middle, and high school students.


Bey Scholars' goal is to create economic value (EV rated) based programs that equip its students with relevant knowledge and skills that increases the chance of success in the entrepreneurial and employment markets by 100%. Through flexible teaching coupled with current information students will be trained, guided, and prepared to be valuable employees in the current job market and to be successful in entrepreneurial endeavors. Current after-school programs either provide unnecessary programs (programs that do not prepare children to handle the reality and responsibilities of society), or programs where students learn one particular subject one hour per week. To adequately address the imbalance between the public and charter schools and the demands of the working and business society, after-schools must be supplements of and complement the public and charter schools, providing a continuous learning experience with no gaps in information content.


Bey Scholars, Inc. is an organization that was established in direct response to the growing need of a bridge to connect the education and information learned in public and charter schools with the growing demand in the current business and job markets. To date, Bey Scholars, Inc. has created nineteen (19) programs (including two fund raising programs) that adequately addresses these concerns and provide a unique approach in the learning experience.



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Chess Lords and the children of Public School 36 in Harlem.

 April 30, 2012

Urban Buzz Mag

Bey Foundation profiled during community outreach.

July  2011



Quiame Bey and Darnell Pittman co-founded the Bey Foundation on the 1st day of March, 2011. Holland & Knight, LLC. incorporated Bey Foundation, Inc. on the 14th day of April, 2011. Funding for incorporation was provided by Ivan Keith.


Bey Foundation & Harlem Youth Marine Cadets, Inc. – In April of 2011 Bey Foundation partnered with the Harlem Youth Marine Cadets (HYMC) and served as its educational component. Bey Foundation was responsible for servicing 80 cadets. Bey Foundation continues to service the HYMC in an educational capacity.


Bey Foundation & Margaret Douglas School (P.S. 36) – In October of 2011, Bey Foundation commenced providing after-school services – specifically its Chess Lords® program – to 25 4th and 5th grade students at Public School 36 in Harlem. On December 14, 2011 the very first live demonstration event was held. 16 students participated in the event. McDonalds sponsored the event, providing free happy meals to all of the Chess Lords® participants.


In January of 2012 2nd and 3rd grade students were included in the Chess Lords® program. Selected 4th and 5th grade participants from the previous class remained and assisted the new participants. On March 30, 2012 the second live demonstration event was held. 32 students participated in the event.


On June 22, 2012 the first ever Chess Masters Tournament was held. Team Swan defeated Team Dragonfly in a best out of 3 competition. (Team Swan won the first game in an impressive 4 moves). 32 students participated in the event. Amsterdam news was on site for media coverage.


Bey Foundation & SWAG Girls Club – In the winter of 2012 Bey Foundation commenced a partnership with and provided assistance to the SWAG Girls Club – a  women mentoring group. Based in Harlem, and that started out of the home of its founder, Fannie Stanton, with just a handful of girls, SWAG expanded to 2 locations, with multiple meetings per week and saw an increase of 25+ girls. To this day the numbers are continually increasing.


Bey Foundation & After 3 Exclusive Childcare – In the summer of 2012 Bey Foundation partnered with After  3 Exclusive Childcare to provide summer camp services to a maximum of 20 youths, ranging in ages from 4 yrs. – 11 yrs. old. As it was a traveling camp, campers engaged in outdoor activities such as Tennis (NYJTL), Music, trips to the museum and movies, Art classes and more.


Bey Foundation continued its partnership with After 3 to continue providing services to the campers in the summer of 2013.



Bey Foundation & Bell Foundation, Inc. – In September of 2012, Bey Foundation commenced a vendor based arrangement with Bell, whereas Bey Foundation provided Chess services to the scholars of Bell, who attended P.S. 36 in Harlem, during after-school hours. From September to December Bey Foundation serviced approximately 100 scholars (kindergarten through fifth grades). On December 5, 2012 Bey Foundation held its 3rd live demonstration event, wherein 70 scholars participated in the event.


In January of 2013 Bey Foundation expanded its Chess services to accommodate approximately 400 scholars within 5 public schools, located in 3 boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens). Bey Foundation employed 5 people to work as instructors for each site. The vendor based arrangement lasted until June 23, 2013.


Bey Scholars - In April of 2016 Bey Foundation, Inc. has been re-established as Bey Scholars, Inc.

Advisory Mentor Saturday Academy - In December of 2016 Bey Scholars, Inc. partnered with Lead By Example & Reverse The Trend, Inc. to establish bi-weekly services to children part of the Bronx community. Programs provided included Chess Lords and Young Entrepreneur Program.

Union Settlement - In January of 2017 Bey Scholars, Inc. provided a ten week Chess Lords program to the students of Union Settlement After-school.  Ages ranged from 6 to 11 years.

School For Excellence (SFE) - In January of 2017 Bey Scholars, Inc. provided its Young Entrepreneur Program services to select 9th grade participants at SFE. YEP was a weekly course that ran every Friday until June 2017.

Bey Scholars and Union Settlement, Inc. – From January 2017 to May 2017, Bey Scholars, Inc. provided its Chess Lords® services to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students at Union Settlement after-school in Manhattan, NY.



Bey Scholars and Lead By Example & Reverse The Trend, Inc. – From December 2016 to February 2017, Bey Scholars, Inc. partnered with Lead By Example and Reverse The Trend to provide mentoring, academic and recreation services every other Saturday to the students enrolled in the South Bronx Academy of Applied Media (SBAAM) and to the residents in the surrounding neighborhood.


Beys Scholars and The Eisele Group – In the Summer of 2017 Bey Scholars, Inc. collaborated with The Eisele Group at CCNY-CUNY to establish the Interactive Science After-school Program® (ISAP®), a two-week pilot program that enrolled residents of Harlem as its participants, ranging in age from 4 years to 13 years old. For the first time ever, select children had the opportunity to perform actual research inside on of the labs at the CDI building.


Bey Scholars and Manhattan Youth – During the 2018 – 2019 school year Bey Scholars provided its Chess Lords® program to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade participants in the after-school program.


Bey Scholars and The Computer School 245 - During the 2019 – 2020 school year Bey Scholars provided its Young Entrepreneur Program® to 7th and 8th grade students as an Enrichment course on Thursdays and Fridays.



Our Staff

Quiame Bey - Founder: As CEO and President Quiame Bey is responsible for the creation and implementation of the after-school and summer programs. Prior to founding Bey Scholars, Inc., Quiame Bey worked as an after-school teacher for Boys & Harbor, Inc. Mr. Bey, also, has experience working as a Paraprofessional in the NYC Department of Eduation.

Darnell Pittman - Vice President: Mr. Pittman is responsible for the overall strategic planning, revenue generation, and organizational development of Bey Scholars, Inc. Mr. Pittman's experience includes his current role as Co-Founder and CFO of Peoples 1st, LLC. - a non-emergency medical transportation company based in Richmond, VA.

Gregory Garrett - Director: Responsible for the Teen Division, Mr. Garrett ensures that all programs serviced to our teens are of Bey Scholars' quality and standards. Mr. Garrett, also, serves as our top Chess Instructor to both teens and staff alike. Mr. Garret is responsible for establishing a Chess team (which includes well known Masters) in Bryant Park and leading them to the championships.


Call Us: 1-646-776-0319   /   info@beyscholars.org   /  New York, NY 10027

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