Bey Scholars was established to create and provide after-school and summer programs to elementary, middle, and high school students. Bey Scholars, Inc. will bridge the gap between the education in the public and charter schools with the growing demand in the business and job markets. To date, Bey Scholars has created Nineteen (19) programs:

Chapters®: An interactive, innovative reading program focusing on the simple discipline of everyday reading.


Chess Lords®: A human interactive chess program where students learn by being actual pieces on a life-size chess board.


Expressions®: An innovative and unique dance program that encourages freedom of expression through physical movement in an artistic and creative fashion.


Folds®: An interactive origami program that teaches basic to advanced art of creating objects from paper.


Golden Tongues®: An interactive language learning program where students learn specific languages of other countries and cultures for use in social and business environments.


I Chef®: An interactive culinary program teaching students basic to advance concepts about meal preparation and the culinary industry.


I Create®: An interactive art program guiding students through the process of cartooning to 3D portrait creations.


I Produce®: An interactive film and production program that instructs, trains, guide and assist students in becoming independent movie and television producers.


My Health®: A mental health assessment program for participating students.


My Law®: An interactive legal research program that teaches students about the fundamentals of government in preparation to becoming paralegals.


My Lens®: An interactive photography program for aspiring young photographers.


My Notes®: An interactive music program teaching students basic to advance musical concepts and composition through use of software, live instruments and instruction.


Project: Million®: A fund raising project involving participating organizations collection of one million bottles and cans to convert to $50,000 cash for organizational needs.


Project: Penny Drive®: A fund raising project involving participating organizations collection and contribution of twenty five pennies per day to add an additional minimum of $15,000 for organizational needs.


Teen Fit®: An interactive physical fitness program incorporating basic fitness training, dieting and long term weight control.


We Sign®: An interactive sign language program focusing on effective communication with the hearing impaired.


Young Docs®: An interactive medical program that teaches students about the body, nutrition, medication & prescription, and long term health care.


Young Entrepreneur Program® (YEP): A three phased interactive program where students learn basic to advanced entrepreneurial principles and skills through use of board games and actual experience.


Young Techs®: An interactive computer technology program teaching and training students about hardware and software technologies in preparation to becoming IT technicians.

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The mission of Bey Scholars, Inc. is to embrace, educate and empower the youth within our communities, preparing them for meaningful employment and successful entrepreneurial endeavors.



Daily After-School Care
Bey Scholars' programs will run five days a week during the school year and during the summer. During the school year our programs will run from 3:00pm - 7:00pm. During the summer our programs will run from 8:30am - 5:00pm.
Students will gain the necessary knowledge and skills needed through the everyday learning experienced in public and charter schools and in the ordinary course of their lives.




Call Us: 1-646-776-0319   /   info@beyscholars.org   /  New York, NY 10027

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